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Yunjae Chapter Fics

~Always Keep the Faith ~


No one knew his existence except for him the person that saved him after that fateful day 10 years ago. Now to return the favor, Jaejoong will finally re-immerse himself in a world he had only known through his savior a world he had left behind and thought he would never ventured into again until now. Gradually his savior helps him step into this dark world again. Each step of the way he finds things that he thought he had lost a long time ago: his family, his emotions, and love Yet the more he plunges into this world, the more secrets he discover. Through his discoveries, Jaejoong learns of the dark side of love. The sinful acts committed in the name of love and the secrets and lies which blinds all that seeks the truth.  All the while he, himself, falls deeper in love with someone he had been made to believe that he was suppose to hate. Thus Jaejoong too experiences the painful struggles that come with love.

Chapter 1:  Last Happy Memory
Chapter 2: Unwanted
Chapter 3: Hold On Tight... I'm Here For You

Kim Jaejoong's beauty and warm heart easily captured Jung Yunho's heart. But when  Yunho summoned enough courage to approach Jaejoong, only to find Jaejoong has just left to study abroad in America. Being an ocean away, what could Yunho do except to forget his love for Jaejoong? Should he move on with Jaejoong's older brother Heechul? When Jaejoong does come back, will Yunho's love be strong enough to let him overlook his false impressions?

False Impression
Chapter 1: Missed Chance
Chapter 2: First Encounter
Chapter 3: Building Hatred
Chapter 4: Are You Alright?
Chapter 5: Five Shinning Stars
Chapter 6: Break Up
Chapter 7: Upon His Return
Chapter 8: 12:34 Nothing Better
Chapter 9: Journey to Love
Chapter 10: Carpe Diem
Chapter 11: Missing You
Chapter 12: Simply Jealous
Chapter 13: Deeper Understanding